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Unsurpassed Quality & Flavor

Nicks BBQ provides unsurpassed quality and flavor. No added fillers, sugars or corn syrup. Nicks BBQ is gluten-free and has low sodium. Nicks BBQ is guaranteed to please.
Nicks is available through commodity or commercial distribution.
Tender and full of flavor, Nicks BBQ is the choice to make, every time.

Nicks Famous BBQ Sandwich
nicks famous sauces
hickory smoked

We Serve

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Our History


Nick’s Famous Bar-B-Q has been producing great tasting barbecue since March of 1990. The founders felt the city of Nashville and the Middle Tennessee area needed a quality, signature product that could be easily obtained from retail and wholesale outlets.


The recipe for the pulled pork was painstakingly developed and hasn’t changed in 30 years. With a USDA certification, Nicks Famous Bar-B-Q has become a favorite of Middle Tennessee and points north and south!


Nicks has grown steadily since 1990. Over the years, the facility has been expanded and larger capacity smokers have been added to serve the ever increasing demand. While the facility has changed and grown, our commitment to providing a high quality, great tasting barbecue has remained our cornerstone and guiding principal.


We smoke for 18 hours using hickory wood to create Nicks Famous Bar-B-Q. The gas-fired ovens ensure consistency during the cooking process as well as assure a perfect product, every time! Our proprietary sauce recipes provide a great flavor without over powering the smoke infused taste. All that’s in our barbecue is quality pork and spices, no fillers, artificial colors or additives. Compare our label to others in the marketplace and you’ll see that what we don’t add to our barbecue is as important as what we put in.


Over the years Nicks has evolved to serve the wholesale, commodity and retail marketplace. We’re excited to see what the next 30 years brings as we add new product lines like brisket and ribs to our pork family. We hope you’ll try Nicks Famous Bar-B-Q.

Happy Partnerships

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Nicks Famous Bar-B-Q is a locally owned Nashville small business. All of our products are USDA inspected to ensure a safe and wholesome product, every time!

2817 Clarksville Pike
Nashville TN 37208
info @ nicksfamousbarbq.com

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